Are ‘suspended’ transactions even possible?

newbie here, toying with the idea of some gambling game, nft-based.

Suppose I want users to gamble on their own NFTs. Obviously I want the actual transaction to occur only if the player loses. I guess smart contracts are all about that, but I’m afraid that fees and the complexity of the conditions initiating enforcement (do I need the smart contract to actually include the entire code of my game?..) will make it unfeasible to implement using this method.

I’d love to hear whether I’m wrong about my assumptions regarding smart contracts, or rather whether there’s a possible alternative, which can transfer NFTs based on conditions. I guess the naive solution (asking the user to enter is keys upon entering and using them only if he loses…) is ridiculous, right? Just off the top of my head, trust is key here (which is what blockchains are all about), so maybe you’re familiar with any trustworthy 3rd-party which can provide this kind of ‘suspended’ transaction? Might it be possible to issue transactions of multiple NFTs (dozens?) at once using one command on the mainnet?

I know this is all unprofessionally written and there’s a lot of topics here. I’m a beginner and looking for help solving this. Obviously any references would be much appreciated – I’m willing to learn as much as possible. (PS – programmer, only new to the blockchain world)

Are ‘suspended’ transactions even possible?

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