THE SUPREME TEAM: ArGoApp, a Leading Decentralized Web Hosting and Storage Provider

ArGoApp a Leading Decentralized

  • ArGoApp is one of the first apps to store and host data on decentralized cloud networks.
  • It creates an atmosphere that is free of restriction.
  • ArGoApp provides a user-friendly interface for Arweave Protocol deployment.

Users are actively seeking decentralization and oversight reduction as the internet has nearly become a fully centralized virtual realm, with ever-increasing government and technology agency inspection. The use of blockchain in a variety of industries has been truly transformational in terms of fostering total transparency and lack of authority.

Following this, ArGoApp claims to be one of the leading platforms of this phenomenal technology, which has changed the game on mainstream operations by providing decentralized web hosting. Also, the blockchain platform asserts that it is one of the first online applications to store and host data on decentralized cloud networks.

ArGoApp, the Decentralized Hosting and Storage Platform

ArGoApp is the latest cloud-based alternative to traditional centralized monopolistic cloud hosting platforms, which charge exorbitantly expensive subscriptions due to their dominant position in the industry. As per the team, ArGoApp makes life easier for users. It allows them to create and deploy projects that cannot be shut down by a central power.

ArGoApp’s core features include the consolidation of decentralization and blockchain transparency, and the ability to create web pages using content builders. It creates an atmosphere free of restriction, allowing people to launch web pages even if they are not tech familiar.

ArGoApp provides a user-friendly interface for Arweave Protocol deployment, allowing people who aren’t versed with blockchain technology access to decentralized web hosting. According to the firm, as ArGoApp works with Jamstack structures, users can choose from different storage protocols, including IPFS, Arweave, and Skynet.

For instance, ArGoApp has been on schedule to meet the goals outlined in the roadmap since its debut. In just two months, the number of applications released on decentralized web servers has increased by 259 projects and 1927 users.

ArGoApp raised $1.3 million in a seed investment round in April of this year, with Ascentive Assets as the main investor, followed by 1kx, Onchain Capital, and Master Ventures, among others. What’s more, the ArGoApp team won the Near First India accelerator program and will receive a grant from NEAR Foundation.

Note that ArGoApp has also launched and integrated its native token — ArGoApp (ARGO) on its testnet, where every deployment on any protocol can be paid via the token.

ArGoApp aims to gain a full-stack programming experience, which includes the creation of both dynamic and static files and webpages, as well as other storage and computing protocols. Besides, the team says that this would help users speed up their development process by designing and deploying static apps using a drag-and-drop interface and having decentralized apps available.

Additionally, the team adds that the integration of a dedicated native marketplace for DApps, and built-in notification systems into ArGoApp’s products, are among the developments users can look forward to.

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