Benchmark for CSPRNG as stream ciphers?

My limitation in my security protocol is that I want my RNG as CSPRNG and I also want it to be super fast.

If I use Salsa20 or ChaCha or AES counter mode, I don’t get the desired speed. I want my PRNG to work at the speed of 100 Gbps or more.

Morever, I need to be cryptographically secured.

Any suggestions regarding that? Do there exist such CSPRNG that can give me output stream at the speed of 100Gbps or above? Or in other words that can provide bit streams with a speed of 10^-11 bits per sec?

P.S: I don’t care about the system requiremt, the platform could be FPGA, GPU etc, I just need some numbers to compare with and to know that with any kind of feasible platform (not super computers) can I achieve the target of 100Gbps in any of the CSPRNG?

Benchmark for CSPRNG as stream ciphers?

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