THE SUPREME TEAM: BENQI Announces The Launch of Avalanche Rush’s Second Phase

BENQI Announces The Launch of Avalanche Rush's Second Phase

  • BENQI proudly announced the launch of Avalanche Rush’s second phase.
  • BENQI received $4M additional AVAX incentives.

The public already knows about BENQI and Avalanche’s Avalanche Rush — a joint liquidity mining program. It is also important to note that the said program had a massive successful launch. Today, as Avalanche Rush ensues, BENQI announced its second phase launch.

Commenting on this, BENQI’s Co-founder and CEO, Dan Mgbor stated:

[We are] excited to launch Phase 2 of our Avalanche Rush initiative. As BENQI’s supplied assets approach the $2.9 billion mark, we’d like to thank the community for their continued support. This phase of our Rush program will be rewarding the amazing Avalanche and BENQI community.

In detail, the first launch of Avalanche Rush, which was worth $6 million, brought positive results to the entire Avalanche ecosystem as well as BENQI’s lending market. Of note, the pro…

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