bitcoin-cli how to verify balance

I’ve read that addresses alone are a "confusing" way to think about "where" bitcoins "are". Nonetheless I was formerly (2018) able to correlate what I got from bitcoin-cli commands with what I saw on blockchain explorers like

e.g. back in 2018 getaccountaddress would list 1 address, getaddressesbyaccount would list that plus a 2nd address, getaddressesbylabel would list those same two addresses, getwalletinfo would show a 0.0003 balance, and listaddressgroupings would also show that balance.

Now in 2020, that online explorer still shows that 0.0003 BTC balance, as it did in 2018, but due to deprecated cli commands, how can I confirm that with bitcoin-cli?

Background… I have been running a full bitcoin node on Ubuntu 16.04, kept updated, so currently Satoshi:0.18.0, and just to experiment and educate myself, I played around in 2018 with a bitcoin faucet until I managed to get 0.0003 BTC. Then I had the faucet site transfer it to one of the addresses in my bitcoin node’s wallet.

For non-deprecated commands I’ve also found bitcoin-cli scantxoutset "start" "["addr()"]" from this question however that too shows a zero balance for the two addresses that I can list from getaddressesbylabel.

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bitcoin-cli how to verify balance

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