THE SUPREME TEAM: Bitcoin Price Approaching 55k — Will It Reach 100k Soon?

Bitcoin Price Approaching 55k — Will It Reach 100k Soon

  • Bitcoin price is speedily approaching the $55k level.
  • Analysts believe that it could hit the $100k price mark before this year ends.
  • Bitcoin price is trading at $54,028.77.

BTC’s price is currently trading close to hitting the $55k level.  This portrays resounding feedback to crypto believers. As the crypto community keeps guessing whether the crypto bull run is over or not, Bitcoin price movement seems to be giving an answer.

Based on Bitcoin’s current performance, analysts believe that BTC’s price would soon double to $100k. Moreover, they are even confident that BTC could achieve the $100k milestone if it maintains its bullish effort.

Bitcoin price is currently at $54,028.77, with a 24h trading volume of $48,104,804,285. Also, the flagship crypto is up by 8.8% with a threshold value of $1,023,445,123,707 as its market cap according to Coingecko. This historical data still keeps Bitcoin as the leading crypto in the market.

Amid Bitcoin’s current bullish mode, Lark Davis has also come out with a scenario showing a stock-to-flow model for BTC. To clarify, the model shows that BTC could even surge up to $135k by December.

In fact, if Bitcoin maintains its bullish trend, the crypto community would not be much surprised if it reaches a $100k price from now on.

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