THE SUPREME TEAM: Blockchain-Based Helps for COVID Research

Blockchain-Based Helps for COVID Research

COVID-19 has created a massive load of data that needs processing. Arrivals of new variants are adding to this computational burden as researchers attempt to keep up with strains that are working their way through the Greek alphabet, and the ability to quickly process COVID data could change the course of treatment for this novel virus. 

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) and data analysis are key to tackling a host of health issues, not just COVID-19, and access to affordable and robust computing power will be essential for the future of healthcare and preventative medicine. 

However, the supercomputers that power these analyses don’t grow on trees. Access to computing power is necessary for healthcare research these days more than ever, and advancements in distributed networking and technology are surfacing to meet the rising needs of researchers facing the possibilities of new COVID-19 variants and other novel viruses.

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