THE SUPREME TEAM: Breaking: ASTRO Is Now Listed on – Explodes to 33,000% Price Rise Following IDO

Breaking: ASTRO Is Now Listed on – Explodes to 33,000% Price Rise Following IDO

  • ASTRO has sold out its IDO on ADAPad.
  • In just 48 hours, ASTRO reached a staggering 330x ROI.
  • ASTRO is now listed on

The interstellar DEX for the Cardano network, AstroSwap, recently completed its IDO on ADAPad. At the moment, ASTRO trades at over a 33,000% increase on IDO price, within just 48 hours of IDO finishing.

In the fast-moving, cutthroat world of crypto and blockchain, it is important to secure a good market position and achieve a competitive advantage, and in this regard, AstroSwap is a game-changer for the entire Cardano ecosystem. AstroSwap has made its’ way into a unique position after partnering with the highly successful ADAPad, and has now facilitated the first launchpad/DEX partnership in the ecosystem — with the aim to provide a seamless route from development to trading for the host of innovative projects launching on Cardano – And with a first-mover advantage, AstroSwap and ADAPad look set to take the ecosystem by storm.

ADAPad successfully launched with incubation from the highly successful BlueZilla incubator, and ADAPad is just one of the latest projects from the forward-thinking incubator, joining the likes of VelasPad, ETHPad, BSCPad, TRONPad, and more.

AstroSwap also gains support from WagyuSwap, which launched on BlueZilla’s VelasPad at the latter end of the summer, posting another extremely high ROI following the IDO. WagyuSwap will provide AstroSwap with the technical know-how on running a successful DEX.

Finally, AstroSwap just announced on announced via its Twitter account that it is now listed on, with ASTRO/USDT and ASTRO/ETH available as trading pairs, with ASTRO/USDT already seeing over half a million dollars trading volume since launch.

With so much momentum for ASTRO in recent days, and so much on the horizon, it begs the question: What is next for ASTROSwap?

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