THE SUPREME TEAM: BREAKING: Twitter set to integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Anthony Pompliano has just broken a major story via Twitter about…Twitter. The social media giant headed up by mega-bull Jack Dorsey is reportedly launching Bitcoin Lightning Network tipping functionality on iOS.

Interestingly, there already is a tipping function on Twitter, natively if you are using the Brave browser and that is through the Basic Attention Token. However, it appears it is not really all that feasible; especially because you have to use gas to send tips, as BAT is an ERC-20 token.

Jack is apparently staying true to his Bitcoin form by integrating the Lightning Network for tipping on Twitter. This integration is different than the BAT token’s tipping feature because that is a feature native to Brave users, while this will be a feature native to Twitter itself.

It appears that it may be more than just tipping–this could mean you could use your sats to pay for other things via twitter’s interface. Maybe advertising? This has something Elon floated to Jack during the ‘B Word’ dialogue.


The capacity of the Lightning Network has reached 2,738 BTC. In the last week, it has seen “the two largest daily upticks of capacity ever”. This is a big deal, many would argue, as Bitcoin becomes more than a storer-of-value, but a medium of exchange.

El-Salvador’s use of the Lightning Network has seen the payment volumes on the network increase massively. The network seems to be at an inflection point of adoption and growth, especially as the sovereign money narrative propagates into more and more political ideologies. Below is the Lightning Network payment volume.


Below is a video displaying the user interface of this upcoming integration on Twitter and it does look pretty nifty.

Twitter will continue to integrate crypto into its growing network. It will be interesting to see what Jack cooks up next, and how this Lightning integration will play out.

Many have speculated that verified NFT avatars are coming, potentially becoming “the first layer of the metaverse”. Jack has a massive head start on whatever the future of social media + blockchain will be. Twitter has a network effect that is basically indomitable at this point and they will have a key role in whatever the ‘metaverse’ will become.

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