THE SUPREME TEAM: CoinQuora Exclusive — Annabelle Huang, Partner at Amber Group

Annabelle Huang, Partner at Amber Group

Annabelle Huang is a partner at Amber Group. She started her career in traditional finance on Wall Street, New York, but she had always been fascinated by crypto. So, she resolved to leave Wall Street and seek a career in crypto finance. She will be speaking at the upcoming World Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

The CoinQuora team had an interview with Annabelle to help us know her, what she does at Amber Group, and to tell us some of her thoughts on topics relating to the industry. Without waiting any longer, let’s dive into the interview.

Q. Please give us an introduction of yourself. What’s your background?

Hi everyone, I’m Annabelle, currently a partner at Amber Group. Before I joined the crypto world, I worked at Deutsche Bank New York, then at Nomura, both in FX — after getting my Math and Finance degree at CMU. 

Q. How did you get into cryptocurrency? What was the motivation?

I have always been fascinated by the genius game theory-filled incentive designs by bitcoin. Also, how we can build a truly trustless system based on the consensus mechanism, and…

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