THE SUPREME TEAM: CoinQuora Exclusive — Mauro de Rosa, CEO of Fast Private Jet

Mauro de Rosa, CEO of Fast Private Jet

Mauro De Rosa is the CEO of Fast Private Jet. He owns the leading company in Europe that provides private jet charter requests worldwide. He will also be a part of the upcoming World Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

The CoinQuora team asked Mr. De Rosa some questions to help us get to know him, what he does in Fast Private Jet, and to tell us some things about the company. Without further ado, here’s the interview.

1. Please give us an introduction of yourself. What’s your background?

I am Mauro De Rosa, the CEO of Fast Private Jet. My aviation career had started in 2008 when I, together with two business partners started an executive airline. After 10 years, we owned 22 aircraft, becoming the leading company in Europe with 55% of the market share in the Very Light Jet Group.

Later in 2018, I started a new business model and sold my shares from my previous company, to establish Fast Private Jet, owning the management of aircraft, as well as being a private jet charter provider worldwide through a selection of operators that we collaborate with — who provide excellent…

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