THE SUPREME TEAM: Crypto Exchanges Redefine Financial Services with Blockchain

Crypto Exchanges Redefine Financial Services with Blockchain

  • Bybit rolled out the token launch site Bybit Launchpad.
  • Nexo offers a wide range of crypto services — buying, selling, trading, etc.
  • ZoomMe remittance by CoinZoom is revolutionizing traditional remittance.
  • AAX is offering up to 60 percent on crypto savings.

The last couple of years have shown explosive growth for DeFi. As a result, hundreds of new exchanges, both centralized and decentralized, have entered the market.

However, most exchanges offer limited services like trading, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Yet, of late, there has been a surge in the number of exchanges that bundle other features and services, some of which have the potential to disrupt traditional brick-and-mortar banking and payment services.

Among the many players, prominent excha…

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