THE SUPREME TEAM: Developer of Evolved Apes NFT Escapes With $2.7 Million

Evolved Apes NFT Escapes

  • The Evolved Apes NFT developer allegedly vanished with 798 Ether
  • The developer also took down the company website and Twitter account.

The Evolved Apes NFT developer has allegedly vanished with 798 Ether (ETH) worth roughly $2.7 million from the project.

Based on the report, the stolen funds included both the money realized from the initial minting process and the ETH traded in the secondary sale of the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

For instance, Evolved Apes had been one of the NFT mints recently. The digital collectible is a collection of 10,000-strong NFTs. However, the project’s price dropped to 0.005 ETH on OpenSea, lower than the original minting cost. Moreover, some linked this price drop to the current rug pull scandal rocking the project.

What’s more, the allegedly accused who goes by the pseudonym of Evil Ape also took down the “Evolved Apes’” website and Twitter account.

As per reports, Evil Ape and the project’s creators have promised to drop a blockchain fighting game — a common promise among many avatar-style NFT developers.

Even with what happened, the Evolved Apes NFT community has come together to continue the development of the project under the name of “Fight Back Apes.”

Furthermore, the firm stresses that they aim to create a more community-centric working model for the project. This includes a multisig wallet, to prevent the repeat of another Evil Ape disaster.

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