THE SUPREME TEAM: Exposed: Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE) Throws a Tantrum


  • Baby Doge Coin goes on an all-out baby rampage.
  • With Twitter’s help, BABYDOGE eliminates its competitors.
  • The crypto is going after all cryptos with the title of ‘Doge’ in its name.

In true childish behavior that reflected its name, the crypto that goes by Baby Doge Coin, threw a pretty big tantrum on Twitter. This tantrum involved the crypto claiming the title of ‘Doge’ all to itself.

In a series of quick takedowns, four different crypto accounts saw suspension from Twitter. Interestingly, all four had the ‘Doge’ title in their name. These include — Nano Dogecoin (INDC), Daddy Doge (DADDYDOGE), Mommy Doge (MOMMYDOGE), and BankerDoge (BANKER).

All four appealed to Twitter hoping to have their accounts restored. Most peculiarly, all four were stumped as to why and how this happened. The reason behind these quick takedowns came with much evil baby flare.

That’s right, much to everyone’s astonishment, Baby Doge Coin took full responsibility. The crypto claims that every other crypto with the ‘Doge’ title is infringing on Baby Doge’s trademark. In fact, it goes on to proudly thank Twitter for rooting out and eliminating the ‘knockoffs’.

BABYDOGE also claimed so on its Telegram page. Accordingly, it said that all copies that come for its title will see the same fate. It said that the strong will survive and that it won’t lose holders to other copies.

The crypto community agrees on the fact that the whole thing is quite a ridiculous claim altogether. Especially considering the fact that Baby Doge Coin is itself a copy or knockoff of the original Dogecoin (DOGE).

Besides, the whole point of cryptocurrencies is to facilitate a decentralized world. Therefore, Baby Doge trying to claim the ‘Doge’ title simply goes against that spirit. However, one can argue saying that the decision it made was very true to its ‘Baby’ title.

For a full expose of the complete tantrum and childish entitlement, click here.

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