THE SUPREME TEAM: FTM Is Evolving — Pumpkittens Leading The Projects


  • Fantom recently introduced its new NFT game, Pumpkittens.
  • Reports say that Pumpkittens is showing remarkable results despite being new.
  • It actually recorded a staggering $3M floor cap.

The blockchain industry is rapidly evolving. More so, the industry has seen explosive growth this year. This is mainly due to the emergence of NFTs and DeFi — the two remarkable innovations that have the public’s attention right now.

Speaking of blockchain, the Fantom (FTM) network is also gaining momentum. According to reports, the network exhibits record-breaking speed and interoperability, making the FTM projects sail ahead.

In particular, Pumpkittens, one of the new projects in Fantom, recently recorded an astonishing $3M floor cap. The team expressed their …

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