THE SUPREME TEAM: Good News! COTI Introduces Visa Debit Cards and Bank Accounts

COTI Introduces Visa Debit Cards and Bank Accounts

  • COTI announced that the public can now access VISA debit cards and bank accounts.
  • Through Simplex, economic inequality will be addressed using these financial tools.
  • This is COTI’s way of shaping the financial sector for the better.

COTI proudly announced that VISA debit cards and bank accounts are now accessible by the public. With Simplex, these financial tools will be able to address the inequalities economically.

The team at COTI says that it is changing the way people think about the idea of accessing financial services and products.

By introducing a bank account and VISA debit card, COTI can help users access an all-encompassing financial ecosystem. Moreover, these new services will bridge the gap between the world of fiat currency and the crypto asset realm.

As mentioned, Simplex will assist in making this possible. As one of the most important partners for COTI, Simplex will help materialize these products.

To note, COTI prides its…

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