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We wish this intro lead you in as smoothly as GRITT GRITT does on his latest piece, "Go Deep." Pulsating cascading tones set a dense atmosphere of sound as we are primed to accept his heavy rhymes now proclaiming the name tundra stating quote the tundra is where I'm from the tundra is where I'm raised saint Paul Minnesota is a cold place a lot of cold things happen there a lot of things that will freeze your heart and I had to work hard in a cold place most people can do that most people won't even try to do that plus look at my neck I can walk through and make everything freeze unquote preparing for his album tundra stating this one different from everything else I'm putting more raw emotion to it stuff people ain't heard a different Lane for me but in my same bag if you know my catalog you know what I mean something telling me to go deep is the direction to go in so I follow my gut worked hard for a very long time still working so hey this ain't the end that's just the beginning unquote. go deep out now on all major platforms.

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MN need more exposure

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Song Title: 3:44am

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Gritt Gritt

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