How to create a Transaction with or without scriptPubKey?

I’m using the bitcore-lib-cash to attempt to create an instance of Transaction (_fromNonP2SH).

Transaction.prototype._fromNonP2SH = function(utxo) {   var clazz;   utxo = new UnspentOutput(utxo);   if (utxo.script.isPublicKeyHashOut()) {     clazz = PublicKeyHashInput;   } else if (utxo.script.isPublicKeyOut()) {     clazz = PublicKeyInput;   } else {     clazz = Input;   }   this.addInput(new clazz({     output: new Output({       script: utxo.script,       satoshis: utxo.satoshis     }),     prevTxId: utxo.txId,     outputIndex: utxo.outputIndex,     script: Script.empty()   })); }; 

Currently, getting the UTXOs for given address from bch fullstack api using the following endpoint:{addr}

which returns the following object for each utxo:

{ height: 712701 tx_hash: "76602674d6df5178858b2ed169af115a50525b0c4d56d726bfa72d775596dc56" tx_pos: 0 value: 8272 } 

However, the Transaction method calls new UnspentOutput(utxo) which then expects the above UTXOs to contain a scriptPubKey property.

$.checkArgument(!_.isUndefined(data.scriptPubKey) || !_.isUndefined(data.script),                   'Must provide the scriptPubKey for that output!'); 

I’ve noticed other libraries only require txId and vout. Is there a way to either create a Transaction without a scriptPubKey or obtain the correct scriptPubKey through alternative means?

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How to create a Transaction with or without scriptPubKey?

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