Installing Electrum on a cold wallet linux usb

I don’t usually use linux but I’m looking to start using it more, if I can just figure out how to do anything. . .

I’m using Ubuntu on a usb, I’ve downloaded Electrum (from the site since I couldn’t download python-pip or electrum through the terminal). So in the terminal I’m in the Electrum folder and trying to install electrum, but the message Unable to locate package electrum. I think I need to enable the component called 'universe' but I’ve had no luck with the answers as depicted here

If you can offer any advice as to how or why I couldn’t originally install pip, or why electrum won’t work now I could really use the help. I need to make this wallet, and I’ve been trying for a very long stupid time trying to, and I have btc idly sitting by that need to go into a wallet. Sorry for such a basic question, but I’m running out of time with this.

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Installing Electrum on a cold wallet linux usb

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