java bitcoin rpc

I am trying to implement a crypto wallet for my application, therefore, I am studying every related source code or article. Here I found a crypto wallet source that uses RPC and bitcoinj-core, but in the pom file, there is a dependency that seems it doesn’t exist and maven couldn’t resolve the dependency.

Error:(3, 38) java: package com.spark.blockchain.rpcclient does not exist 

here is the dependency added to the pom file:

<dependency>     <groupId>com.spark.bc</groupId>     <artifactId>bitcoin-rpc</artifactId> </dependency> 

and the BitcoinRPCClient will be imported from that:

import com.spark.blockchain.rpcclient.BitcoinRPCClient; 

Does anyone know what is spark.blockchain and how the dependency could be resolved? any guide or comments would be appreciated.

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java bitcoin rpc

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