THE SUPREME TEAM: Rare Banksy Art Collection to be Produced as NFTs by Charity Leaders Raiinmaker and Cosmic Wire

Raiinmaker and Cosmic Wire Support Climate Charities With Bansky NFTs

  • Raiinmaker and Cosmic Wire support climate charities.
  • Raiinmaker is launching its token next month.

Raiinmaker, the blockchain fan engagement platform, has partnered with multimedia firm Cosmic Wire to support several climate charities through the creation of six special NFTs. To be specific, these companies have joined forces to create NFTs based on the work of legendary street artist Banksy, with tokens tied to the iconic remnants of the mysterious creator’s original Spy Booth wall mural.

Furthermore, the 100% of the royalty streams from the NFTs will go towards supporting three charities actively fighting climate change, namely Laudato Tree, the Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN), and the American Forest Association. Above all, Raiinmaker and Cosmic Wire will also be giving away $100,000.

Raiinmaker founder J.D. Seraphine explained:

Right now it’s critical that we all step up and do our part to help turn the tide at this important moment…

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