replacing Curve25519 with Ristretto255

Quoting ,

Ristretto255 is Ristretto defined over Curve25519, which allows cryptographers to extend the Ed25519 signature scheme to support complex zero-knowledge proof protocols without having to deal with the cofactor.

(The cofactor in Ed25519 is what caused the multi-spend vulnerability in CryptoNote cryptocurrencies (n.b. Monero).)

It’s not entirely clear to me, from this, what all would be involved with swapping out Curve25519 for Ristretto255.

Is crypto_scalarmult_ristretto255 a drop in replacement for crypto_scalarmult?

There’s crypto_box_easy and crypto_box_easy_open but they use X25519 – not Ristretto255. I’m not seeing a crypto_box_easy_ristretto255 function. Maybe it’s not needed for that specific use case? Or maybe libsodium has such a function and I just missed it when I was reviewing the documentation? says the following:

For instance, when doing a Diffie-Hellman key exchange over Curve25519, the Diffie-Hellman private keys must be chosen as multiples of 8 (which is expressed as: "set the three least significant bits to zero"); this ensures that the points will be in the proper subgroup.

RFC7748 § Curve25519 says, simply, "Alice generates 32 random bytes in a[0] to a[31]". Should an errata be opened against that RFC to set the last three bytes to 0?

replacing Curve25519 with Ristretto255

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