THE SUPREME TEAM: Soon Launching — UNOPND, A Blockchain Company Backed By Hashed

UNOPND, A Blockchain Company Backed By Hashed

  • UNOPND, a blockchain company backed by Hashed will launch soon.
  • The project will offer intuitive support for Metaverse and NFT applications.

The blockchain industry is continually growing and evolving. The existing blockchain networks are steadily providing innovative solutions to the industry. Because of this, more startup companies are emerging to offer the same expertise to the public.

With that said, UNOPND, a startup blockchain company powered by Hashed is soon going to launch. UNOPND will support and study new cutting-edge use cases of blockchain technology for both Metaverse and NFT applications.

In detail, UNOPND is a studio for creative projects. It primarily focuses on exploring and experimenting with new ideas that can be applied to blockchain gaming and collectable NFTs. Moreover, UNOPND also aims to assist projects with the help of its founder’s expertise and leaders from Hashed.

 Commenting on the upcoming launch, UNOPND CEO, Chan Lee said,

UNOPND will build an ecosystem of creators and users, and provide innovative services that unveil the value of blockchain. We have witnessed that many blockchain-based games and social services are getting popular in recent years. We want to focus on the market’s demand, especially the communities, to find the most attractive products.

Notably, UNOPND will tap ideas that would get the attention of the wider masses, especially those who have not been deeply involved with cryptocurrency yet. On the other hand, Metaverse is still raw and nascent like the concept of provable ownership. However, despite this, it still holds immense potential in revolutionizing the way users immerse themselves in entertainment. It opens up a wider market for blockchain and financial applications.

Along with this, UNOPND  will also give all kinds of support that will enable developers to focus on building, use their networks for PR purposes, provide team building and community management, as well as strategic counselling through market insights, business network access, and fundraising support from Hashed.

Hashed’s CEO, Simon Kim also expressed his view saying,

Hashed is excited to be leading efforts into making blockchain mainstream,” said Simon Kim, Co-founder and CEO of Hashed. “Financial application of blockchain is one of many fields we are exploring at the moment, and we find it ripe to lend our support for teams and founders willing to explore blockchain’s full potential in other creative ways through UNOPND.

Apart from this, UNOPND is currently supporting multiple projects. At the same time, it’s taking intensive research regarding all forms of possible NFT applications. At the moment, it is considering several L1 networks to build projects on top that include but are not limited to Ethereum and Terra.

As the community awaits the launch date, UNOPND has already done so much and proved its distinctness from other existing blockchain-based projects.

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