THE SUPREME TEAM: Super Bowl Champion Laments Wasting 50k Clubbing Instead Of Buying Bitcoin

 NFLer Ndamukong Suh expressed regret over mismanaging his finances via Twitter. 

You thought you were the only one who regrets not listening to that friend who told you to buy that made up internet money?

Nope. Even millionaires feel them pangs.

“If I had bought bitcoin with the $50k I spent at a club in 2015, I would have ~$11.4m today,” Ndamukong Suh said via Twitter.

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  • To put in perspective: Suh’s salary for this season is $10 million USD. 50k could have netted him over a year’s worth of salary.
  • The NFLer took to Twitter to detail various financial regrets. “I came into some money at a young age. Which can be a blessing, but it can also be trouble.”
  • Suh is now a lot savvier. Even go as far as saying he still uses the spread sheets he “stole” from a former TD Ameritrade CEO.
  • According to Forbes, Suh is invested in funds managed by Andreessen Horowitz, a frequent early investor in crypto startups.
  • Suh’s teammate Tom Brady said back in May that one of the coaches who works with the quarterbacks got him into crypto. Brady went to great pains not to specify which coach in particular, but it’s fair to wonder if said unnamed coach had anything to do with Suh’s tweets of regret.
  • Suh challenged noted Bitcoin hater Warren Buffet to an armwrestling match on Buffet’s 91st birthday. Though, apparently, he’s good friends with the geriatric investor. According to Jabari Young at CNBC, Suh “tries to speak with Warren Buffett quarterly to catch up and solicit investment advice.”

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