THE SUPREME TEAM: Swiss Rail Sells BTC at Ticket Machines

Switzerland Introduces BTC Purchases on Railway Ticket Machines

  • SBB enables BTC buying at railway ticket machines
  • To buy BTC SBB requires a bitcoin wallet and Swiss mobile number

In Switzerland, you can now buy Bitcoin and train tickets from the same machine. In detail, Switzerland’s national railways firm (SBB) now allows customers to buy BTC at SBB railway ticket machines.  Initially, customers can buy Bitcoins at more than 1,000 ticket machines.

According to SBB, a customer simply needs a Bitcoin Wallet and Swiss mobile phone number to purchase BTC.  Customers can purchase from CHF 100 to CHF 500 and it’s around the clock at all SBB ticket machines.

Also, you can purchase a Bitcoin paper wallet at any SBB ticket machine – fast, easy, and available any time. To do this, customers need to First, select ‘Prepaid / Money transfers’ and then ‘Bitcoin paper wallet’. Secondly, enter the amount you wish to purchase (a value between CHF 100 and CHF 500 can be selected). Then, confirm the offer received.

After that, enter your mobile phone number and the security code (mTAN) that you then receive. Following then, your Bitcoin paper wallet will be printed. Notably, Bitcoin paper wallets cannot be purchased using a credit card.

The project kickstarted in the past years and has been under experiment. However, customers are now well able to trade Swiss francs for bitcoins using the ticket machines. SBB said

There have been few possibilities to obtain bitcoins in Switzerland until now

Switzerland’s appetite for cryptocurrency is surging.  Also, while the machine can pay out Bitcoins, for the time being, it will not accept payments made with the cryptocurrency.

In particular, Bitcoin is already accepted in over 10,000 locations worldwide. It enables quick and easy payments without any credit card or bank details needed. More so, very low transaction fees, even for international transfers.

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