Tamadoge- A Superior Alternative to Dogecoin?

Altcoins are blockchain-based digital currencies which have gained an incredible amount of popularity in recent times. It’s not exactly known when the first altcoin was created, but the most widely accepted date to around 2011 when Bitcoin started off as a digital peer-to-peer currency.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are two of the most popular altcoins and have consistently been in the headlines. Elon Musk tweeting about them had lent a significant hand in their popularity. And while the meme coins, a more casual version of altcoins, were initially created with a more humorous tone, they’ve been incredibly profitable for investors.

Now, however, altcoins are migrating from being more than just a meme to actually providing some value while being a lot of fun. Tamadoge, a project expected soon to enter the gaming market, is about to lead the initiative.

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So, What’s the Tamadoge Project?

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn crypto game set in the Tamaverse- its own metaverse. The project borders the space people already love- doge meme coins. Users can mint their doge, which they can use to breed and train their pets, resulting in increasing their ranking on the leaderboard.

The project is expected to soon enter the market, and resembles a popular game from the 90s at its foundation. The game was named Tamagotchi, where gamers were able to take care of their pet through a digital device.

The project comes out to be a modern version of the former game, sharing some traits with the exception of an 8-bit screen.

The TAMA token is the native token of the ecosystem or can be considered a meme coin. It can be used as an in-game currency to make any in-game transactions, such as buying stuff for your pet to upgrading them altogether.

The token will also be available to trade on crypto exchanges after its launch. As for now, however, Tamadoge can be purchased on the official website with a minimum investment of 1000 TAMA coins.

Is Tamadoge Better Than Dogecoin?

Dogecoin has been around for a while and has been the number one preference for many investors. However, a lot of it can be traced back to its hype, wherein many investors contributed only to make some quick profit.

On a fundamental level, there aren’t many applications of the coin. Tamadoge, on the other hand, has multiple use cases and isn’t just token trading on an exchange. There are many levels where Tamadoge comes out to be a better alternative than Dogecoin.

Here are a few that are noteworthy.


The token supply of a coin determines its productivity. It’s important for a coin to be deflationary in nature from the perspective of being lucrative to the investor.

Dogecoin is inflationary in nature, meaning it has no cap on its supply. Currently, the supply of dogecoin is more than 130B and keeps on perpetually increasing. As an investor, this can be compromising as you have to own a significant amount of coins to earn a great deal of profit.

Tamadoge, on the other hand, has a cap of 2 Billion. This means, there will only ever be 2 Billion Tamadoge coins in existence. It also has a burning mechanism in place where 5% of each purchase made on their official store is burned. Contracting the supply, and resulting in the increase of its price.


Dogecoin was initially created as a joke and did not witness much price movement until about 6 years after its launch. That’s not the story with Tamadoge.

Tamadoge is created with a solid foundation, an ambitious roadmap that promises to provide value to the users. The project has also completed the verification process by CoinSniper ensuring its users about its legitimacy, unlike other crypto projects that turn out to be scams. The project has also tested its platform to display its reliability.

Not Just A Token

Metaverse is the future, and many crypto projects are inclining in this direction so as to not miss out. Tamadoge, too, has its name on the list.

Tamaverse is the metaverse of the Tamadoge project, enabling users to interact with each other within itself. Not just themselves, Tamadoge NFT holders will also be able to interact with their pets and let their pets meet other pets in the metaverse.

Being a play-to-earn game, an NFT collection, a metaverse and a token are the highlights of what Tamadoge is.


Tamadoge has planned to launch its mobile application, Tamadoge Augmented Reality. With the help of this application, users will be able to interact with their pets using their mobile phones. This application will also allow users to do everything the game offers to its metaverse users.

With a mobile application, users can take their metaverse experience with themselves everywhere they go. Staying near their digital pets without having to say goodbye.

Invest in Tamadoge Presale Now

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Users interested in purchasing the TAMA tokens can connect their Metamask wallet to make the purchase.

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Tamadoge- A Superior Alternative to Dogecoin?

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