THE SUPREME TEAM: This Coin Has Quietly Outperformed Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and the NFT Craze

The ongoing crypto market rollercoaster ride for major coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana has been making endless headlines, while meme coins and NFT’s are continuing to generate a considerable amount of buzz.

However, until very recently, one of the best-kept secrets in the crypto sphere has been RBIS, the native token of the ArbiSmart project, which is quietly getting on with the job of making money for platform users, steadily outperforming its competitors. It has been climbing consistently, ever since it was launched in 2019 even during market downturns, and is now starting to gain recognition. In fact, analysts are projecting a 4,000% rise in value by 2023.

To understand what’s behind RBIS’ impressive performance, we’ll need to examine the utility, its revenue potential, and the project’s prospects for the future.

Risk Is Minimal

The ArbiSmart platform performs crypto arbitrage, a form of investing that generates profits from price inefficiencies. These are brief windows during which a coin is available at different prices, at the same time, across a number of exchanges. Lots of factors can lead to these temporary price discrepancies, but one of the most common causes is differences in liquidity levels and trading volume between exchanges of varying sizes.

Integrated with nearly 40 exchanges, ArbiSmart’s algorithm makes a profit from price differences by automatically purchasing the coin on the exchange with the lowest price before instantly selling it on the exchange where the price is highest.

As a platform user, you just sign up, deposit funds, and then move on with your day. The algorithm will automatically convert your fiat or crypto into RBIS and use it to trade crypto arbitrage.

Risk remains close to zero since price inefficiencies across exchanges will continue to emerge, irrespective of whether it is a bull or bear market. This means that if crypto prices were to fall suddenly, your digital assets would not lose their value. Instead, you would continue to earn a reliable return, starting at 10.8% a year and reaching up to 45% a year depending on the size of your investment.

Profits are so steady that you can consult ArbiSmart’s profit calculator, inputting a time frame and a deposit amount to see exactly how much you will earn daily, monthly, or annually.

Profits Are Exceptional

Yields of up to 45% a year (3.75% a month) from crypto arbitrage, and compound interest on those earnings are only part of the story. You can also receive up to 1% daily in additional passive profits if you opt to store your capital in a locked savings account for a pre-determined period.

The most impressive revenues to date though have been in the form of capital gains. In just two years the RBIS token has already risen in value by over 628% and it is continuing to climb steadily.

Expansion Is Ongoing

In 2020 YOY growth stood at 150% and since then platform usage has sky-rocketed, although the supply of RBIS is finite, with a cap of 450M tokens.

Meanwhile, the development team has been going full steam ahead, with the implementation of substantial system upgrades throughout the second half of 2021. Q4 of 2021, and early 2022, will also see the introduction of a number of new RBIS utilities, including an interest-bearing wallet supporting both fiat and crypto, a mobile app, a crypto credit card, and a yield farming program.

Another promising sign for the future token price is that in Q4 this year a major milestone will be reached, with RBIS being listed. Once the coin is tradable, anyone wishing to use any RBIS utility will need to buy the coin on an exchange. They may find that RBIS holders are reluctant to sell due to the consistent growth of the project and subsequent rising token value. In addition, the fact that ArbiSmart offers lucrative long-term investment, rather than speculative short-term opportunities, means RBIS is well worth HODLing.

While RBIS has not been receiving the same level of hype as some other cryptocurrencies, it is slowly but surely building a loyal community under the radar that is making some serious profits. To get on board before it completely takes off, purchase RBIS now.

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