THE SUPREME TEAM: Leads the Decentralized Revolution of the Music Industry Leads the Decentralized Revolution of the Music Industry

  •, a decentralized music network that allows musicians to profit.
  •’s native JAM token represents the global music currency.

The crypto world continues to innovate in many ways to provide use cases that will benefit all its users around the world. This time,, a decentralized crypto music network is now one of the talked about topics in the crypto world. In detail, the crypto allows musicians to profit directly from their audience via micropayments, NFTs, and real-time audio events.

Furthermore,’s ground-breaking concept helps musicians maximize their revenues by allowing them to profit straight from their audience.’s native asset, the JAM token, represents the global music currency which has quite frankly revolutionized the music business. As a result, JAM tokens give both artists and fans the opportunity to discover, stream and make new music within the platform, thus facilitating the creation of a collaborative community.

Artists and fans can trade rare NFTs for live audio performances, exclusive content, and limited-edition releases. The global music economy on Tune.FM is powered by the JAM token, the first Hedera Token Service (HTS) asset to be traded on an exchange, Bitrue.

On the other hand, Hedera (HBAR) as a decentralized public network pioneer enables developers to design safe and inclusive apps that are completed in real-time.

A number of HBAR features are passed on to tokens issued using HTS, including thousands of transactions per second with minimal fees and top-tier governance, in addition to ABFT consensus. Users with a Hedera account can access assets issued by Hedera, such as stable coins and security tokens.

With HTS and the power of Hedera, thousands of artists may earn JAM tokens for every second their music is played which makes it quite a lucrative opportunity.

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