THE SUPREME TEAM: U.S SEC Commissioner Wants a Lawful Crypto Regulations

U.S SEC Commissioner Wants a Lawful Crypto Regulations

  • Hester Peirce wants lawful crypto regulations.
  • American authorities continue to plan crypto regulations.

The crypto world continues to make noise that can never be overlooked by many authorities around the world. The country of America is one of the superpower countries in the world that keeps an eye on the growing population of the crypto market. Set aside the Ripple and SEC issue, there are still more regulations that the American government wants to implement in crypto.

This made Hester Peirce, a U.S SEC Commissioner, react in a tweet post:

The tweet post of Hester stated about authorities and crypto law. “If the government wants to bring law to crypto, it should behave lawfully,” she posted. The tweet gathered over 2000 retweets and different opinions from the Twitter community.

Furthermore, the tweet also contained a link that will redirect its viewers to Hester’s speech. The speech focuses on many things, one of which is cryptocurrency.

Hester explained:

If we intend to demand registration of entities in the crypto space, we have to give our staff the permission to do the hard work of figuring out how the rules will apply given the unique aspects of the business and to seek broad public input through a transparent regulatory (not enforcement) process in doing so.

The crypto space continues to face many challenges every day. Other countries like El Salvador embrace the crypto world to the fullest while others do not, such as China. However, this scenario is not new in crypto, and the crypto community already knows how to handle it very well. Through this, the crypto world continues to stand firm and walk strong against all odds.

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