THE SUPREME TEAM: University of Wyoming begins mining Bitcoin

As China continues to ban Bitcoin, the oldest crypto in the game is finding itself being spun up more and more in the United States, as certain politicians, like Wyoming’s Senator Lummis realize that her state and the country itself can take advantage of this massive moment to become the tip of the spear for Bitcoin adoption. China has basically banned all aspects of crypto, including mining, leading to hash rate making its way to the states at an unprecedented level, and now, at the University of Wyoming.


This week, Senator Lummis took to twitter to announce that the University of Wyoming is now mining Bitcoin.

Lummis has been lobbying miners since the Chinese exodus began. In early July she tweeted “if you are in the Bitcoin mining space, please reach out. We WANT you in Wyoming”. Lummis has also dispelled the fud around Bitcoin mining and ESG, telling CNBC: “there was research at the University of Cambridge that showed bitcoin mining consumes roughly 40% renewable energy”. It is of course well known that hydropower plants were very dominant in Chinese mining and the energy consumption argument has been greatly overstated.

Wyoming, next to Florida is certainly the most pro Bitcoin state in terms of legislation. Just this week, a bill was signed to exempt Bitcoin mining (using natural gas flares) from taxation. Bitcoin will be recycling wasted energy that would normally be considered pollution. House Bill 189 “provides an opportunity for oil producers to utilize natural gas that would normally be flared into the atmosphere for other productive purposes, including cryptocurrency mining.”

Miners are already setting up shop at the University of Wyoming. According to Caitlin Long, who is working with the University displayed the progress on Twitter. Mining rigs were apparently donated to the University and the mining will begin soon.

BTC Impact, a Bitcoin non-profit, appears to be facilitating the Wyoming project. They have set up a mining club at the university, helping train students in the “skills of Bitcoin mining operations”.

This is a groundbreaking moment in history, as a major University in the United States is actually setting up mining rigs and teaching students and faculty how to mine Bitcoin. This is definitely the first of many such future endeavors as Bitcoin becomes intrinsic to our economy and the global economy.

We have seen an influx of political candidates pledging their support of crypto and Bitcoin cropping up all over the country, from both sides of the aisle, republican and democrat. Support of crypto is almost becoming a position that most politicians will be forced to address in a serious way going forward.

Wyoming is the leading the charge for making Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain a big part of our education system, as the power of this technology has the chance to radically improve the economic systems that have been plagued by special interests and corruption, and that is why people are so enthralled with Bitcoin and crypto. Wyoming is making it clear, crypto is more than a speculative asset, it is foundation for improving society, and that starts with education.

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