THE SUPREME TEAM: Wanchain Integrates Polkadot, Pushes DeFi Forward

Wanchain Launches First Cross-chain Bridge with Link to Polkadot

  • Wanchain launches the first cross-chain bridge that links blockchains to DOT.
  • With this, developers on other blockchains can integrate DOT into their DApps.
  • This interoperability solution connects DOT to the larger cross-chain DeFi world.

Wanchain recently announced the integration of decentralized and non-custodial cross-chain infrastructure with Polkadot. With this solution, developers from different blockchains like Ethereum, Avalanche, Moonriver, Wanchain, and more can integrate DOT within their projects.

Wanchain was proud to announce that DOT can now be traded cross-chain and utilized with EVM-compatible smart contracts. This is possible through the world’s first decentralized interoperability solution provided by the Wanchain team.

According to Li Ni, Wanchain VP of Business Development and Operations, the team believes that blockchain will gain traction once the assets, data, commands, and users are not limited by a single chain and standards.

Li Ni mentions that,

Last month, Wanchain deployed cross-chain bridges connecting Moonriver and Avalanche to the larger cross-chain DeFi industry. Now, Wanchain is connecting Polkadot to the rest of the blockchain world. 

The team is optimistic that the next phase of innovations within the blockchain sphere will center around interoperability. This includes assets, data, and smart contracts. By adding Polkadot into Wanchain’s solution, the team cements its position as one of the world’s most advanced cross-chain solutions.

Wanchain, also known as the Wide Area Network Chain, believes that “True DeFi is interoperable.” Their mission is to help the blockchain industry get further adoption by building decentralized bridges that connect blockchains with other blockchains to improve cross-chain activities.

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