THE SUPREME TEAM: Welcoming Ben Perez as Head of Talent & HR at the Aragon Association

Welcoming Ben Perez as Head of Talent & HR at the Aragon Association

Aragon is pleased to welcome Ben Perez as Head of Talent and HR. He will be responsible for working with core contributors, our community, and ecosystem partners to continue Aragon’s history of attracting and incubating talent in the space.

Ben is an experienced leader of people, with a background in design and worldwide HR programs. He joins from TikTok where he worked on strategic projects to scale up global operations. He believes in being community-first and, to this end, having core contributors come from within the community.

Ben lives on the surf coast of Victoria, Australia with his partner Dana and their two dogs. He loves food, culture, travel and being a shredder in the newly formed Ski & Surf DAO.

"Civilization grew through community and DAO’s may become the most powerful human organizations ever created by returning to these roots. DAO are at an advantage because they can rapidly form, adapt and innovate, but the real differentiator to me is that they are a pure play on basic human needs – autonomy and belonging.

Everyone wants to belong, but it suits existing powers for you to feel like being part of something is enough, while the upside of your effort and creative gifts goes only to a select few. This is why it is so important to have the second part of belonging – ownership – because when something belongs to us we don’t just care for it and nurture it, we are also entitled to our equal share in its growth and success. This is the DNA of DAO’s.

The reason I joined Aragon is to connect across the ecosystem and play an active role in supporting other products and protocols to combine in ways that increase freedom and better coordination by pooling of our shared knowledge and resources. I’m excited about Aragon’s own journey to decentralize and be rapid adopters of new DAO tooling, and plan to openly share our learnings for the benefit of others. I will work with absolutely anyone near or far who shares our values and hope we become a top-of-mind partner when building DAO’s and other products that promote freedom in all its forms. Aragon and I are here with you because we want the same thing – to build a better future, together." – Ben Perez, Head of Talent & HR at the Aragon Association.

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