What Is Bomb Crypto Game? Make Money Playing This Game!

Apart from cryptocurrencies booming in 2020, NFTs and the Crypto gaming industry also witnessed a massive leap. Before then, the video gaming industry posted huge revenue, amounting to billions of dollars annually. However, with the sector integrating Blockchain technology with its services, its growth continues to skyrocket. According to data analytic firm InvestGame, the global video games industry amassed more than $17 billion in revenue in 2021. InvestGame believes the rise of the crypto gaming industry is boosting the fortunes of the already-wealthy gaming industry. A typical example is Axie Infinity, a crypto game whose market capitalization is already above $1 billion. Another blockchain game making waves is Bomb Crypto Game. However, it is crucial to understand what crypto gaming is all about.

What Is Crypto Gaming?

In order to define crypto gaming, one needs to understand its concept and why they are on Blockchain technology. Firstly, Blockchain is a database or ledger that stores information by sharing them with a network of computers. This stored information is secured, unalterable, and available for all connected computers. This concept, applied to gaming, is why crypto games allow users and affiliates of the game to own a part of it. Alternatively, unlike traditional centralized games, users can utilize characters, skins, weapons, and all coding of a game, for another. Crypto games allow players to earn and use rewards across different crypto gaming projects. This feature is known as Play-2-Earn, allowing users to play games to earn rewards. Examples of popular crypto games include Axie Infinity, Crypto Kitties, Pegaxy, Decentraland, Bomb, Nine Chronicles, etc.

How Does Crypto Gaming Work?

Crypto games feature most of the elements in traditional games but take a step further to improve the gaming experience. Like classic games, players can also buy in-game money with fiat currencies. There is also an option to purchase this in-game material with a compatible crypto token. Unlike traditional video games, crypto games users can collect items and level up their characters. Players can store or trade these collectibles for rewards. Unfortunately, despite their attractiveness, crypto games have limitations. One of such is that most games require users to deposit cryptocurrencies before playing or earning rewards. Another limitation of these games is that they aren’t appealing to crypto novices and mainly require technical knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Why Are Crypto Games Attractive?

The most attractive feature of the crypto game is its ownership. Crypto games offer players can own their in-game items, trade them or even sell them. Unlike traditional games, crypto games avail players time to earn collectibles via blockchain technology. Crypto games are also a source of investment for investors, as committing funds to them yields rewards. Investing money in these games also allows players to unlock important and attractive game features. Unlike traditional games, the P2E model adopted by many Blockchain games will enable players to make profits via their crypto gaming coins. According to a report, these games have contributed to the growth of the crypto market by attracting huge investors to the space. A typical example is when Mark Cuban invested in Sky Mavis to raise $7 million in a funding series. The future of the crypto gaming industry is bright as optimism looms around it.

What Is Bomb Crypto Game?

Bomb Crypto is one of the most explosive NFT games of 2021, currently making waves and attracting huge players daily. Launched barely nine months ago (September 2021), It is a P2E game that allows users to trade and earn BCOIN. To play, players manage a group of bomb heroes of cyborgs programmed to look for BCOINs. Heroes are unique NFT pieces that players can acquire, upgrade and sell to earn more BCOINs. Bomber heroes possess five power stats: Power, Bomb Range, Stamina, Speed, and Ability.

The power stat of each bomber hero is different from the other. Hence, the higher their rarity, the more vital these power stats will be. They also possess special powers, and lucky players can find them during their hunts. There are also options to upgrade heroes, refine abilities and increase their valuation. The game offers two NFT items: BHERO and BHOUSE. The native currency of the game is BCOINs, which is also a utility asset. WIth BCOINs, players can access special features, purchase exclusive in-game items and enhance their gameplay experience.

How to play Bomb Crypto NFT Game

Today, Bomb Crypto is available to play on its website and its mobile app. Players can download the game from the Android Store only, as it is unavailable on iOS. Players need to have at least 10 BCOINs to start playing the game. At the time of writing, this is less than $1. The step below will guide you to playing the game successfully.

Step 1 – Create A Metamask Wallet

The first step is to download MetaMask and create a wallet. This process is straightforward and essential to purchasing BUSD. Players will buy BUSD on Binance or another platform and send it to the MetaMask wallet. There is an option to purchase BUSD on Binance with either a debit/credit card or a bank transfer. It is essential to check with the exchange to choose the most convenient payment method.

Step 2 – Connect Wallet And Enjoy Your Game

The next thing to do is to link the MetaMask wallet to Pancake Swap. This will enable the purchase of BCOIN via trading pairs with BUSD on Pancake Swap. Players will connect their funded MetaMask wallet to Bomb Crypto’s and start playing.

Bomb Crypto Game Mode

Today, the games feature treasure hunt, story, and battle modes. Each of these modes captures the intrigues and uniqueness of the blockchain rewarding game. According to its developers, there are plans in the pipeline o upgrade these modes in 2022.

Treasure Hunt Mode

In this mode, players use bomber heroes to find BCOIN by sending them to mine areas and planting bombs. These bombs, planted by the heroes, destroy the blocks and find players’ BCOINs. The Bomb heroes work independently without control and do not require players’ control every time. Bomb heroes exhaust energy anytime they go hunting or plant bombs. This is why they enter a resting stage to recharge their energy. Players who want their heroes to recharge fast must buy in-game assets like Bhouse to boost them.

Story Mode

In this mode, players choose a bomber hero of their own to participate in each level. This player will pass each level by destroying all the stumbling blocks (monsters) on its way. When this hero breaks blocks and kills monsters, they earn BCOINs for the player. Like every bomber hero, this hero consumes energy, and it has to be optimum. Every time it touches monsters or destroys blocks, its energy level drops. This is why its power has to be complete for it to compete.

Battle Mode

This mode is Bomb Crypto’s Player-vs-Player (PvP) mode, where players compete against each other. In this mode, players join a bomb battle to fight against other players. Players need energy at a minimum default level to join a bomb battle. Players also need to pay a certain fee (tokens) as an entry fee, which will later serve as rewards. Lastly, the winner gets rewards of the losers’ tokens.

What Is The Bomber House?

BHOUSE or Bomber House is where players Bomber Hero goes to recover their stamina. Each bomber hero possesses stamina that needs recharging when drained. The Bhouse is where the hero returns to recover before continuing working again. To achieve comfort, boost recharging speed and gain more abilities, a player can customize Bhouses to their taste. Bomb Crypto developers also plan to improve the Bhouse offerings in the future to delight players. The game also possesses an upgrade feature that allows Bomb hero to realize its potential. A bomber takes other bombers of the same level as his material during an upgrade. Players must possess enough BCOINs in their wallets to facilitate the process.

According to the game developers, all the BCOINs utilized in the game will be returned to its treasury and shared in three folds. The first fold contains 80% of the gross revenue, returning to the game’s Community Treasury. The rewards for game players also cover the 80% fold. The second fold consists of 10% of its treasury dedicated to marketing. Typically, the revenue will cover marketing and other operational costs. The last 10% will be kept in its Reserve Treasury. This portion is for the development team and will unlock in September 2022.


BCOIN is Bomb Crypto’s in-game currency, which will become its governance token in the future. It is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain with a total maximum supply of 100 billion coins. It is available for game players to purchase on PancakeSwap (V2), BKEX, LBank, MEXC, and ZT. According to its developers, its distribution is as follows:

  • 6% of its total supply is for private. Locked one month, vested 10% monthly
  • 2% of its total supply is for a future IDO scheduled for Q3 2021.
  • 1% of its total supply is for a PancakeSwap listing scheduled for Q3 2021.
  • 20% of its total supply is for P2E for game players. The company maintains that this Rewards pool is open to expansion. This is because it plans to continue to increase the token amount in the pool for players.
  • 20% of its total supply is for staking rewards. Issuance starts in Q1 2022
  • 6% of its token supply is the Ecosystem funds, with issuance scheduled for Q1 2022.
  • 25% of its token supply is for its Team, locked for one year, then linearly over another year.
  • 3% of its supply is for Advisors, locked for one year, then linearly over another year.
  • 5% of its total token supply is for DEX liquidity, locked for one month, then vests 5% monthly.
  • 12% of its token supply is for its reserves, locked for one year, then linearly over two years.


The crypto market provides many streams for users to make profits. Playing games like Bomb Crypto will enable players to recoup massive funds. However, players need to be careful of malicious elements. This is because games like these are continuously subjected to hacks every time. It is only suitable for you to send in funds that you want to use in the game.

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What Is Bomb Crypto Game? Make Money Playing This Game!

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