THE SUPREME TEAM: Why Did Michael Burry Block Michael Saylor On Twitter?

Apparently Michael Burry, the famed investor profiled in the Big Short, isn’t a big fan of Michael Saylor.


  • Why Michael Saylor Got Blocked By Michael Burry
  • Michael Burry’s Track Record

Why Michael Saylor Got Blocked By Michael Burry

Last night, Michael Saylor tweeted out a screenshot showing that famed investor Michael Burry blocked the CEO of Microstrategy on Twitter. Saylor did not provide a reason for the blocking but it might have had something to do with this exchange they had on October 9th…


Saylor’s screenshot was in response to another user mocking Michael Burry for “rage quitting.” Burry’s Twitter is still active, but he has protected his tweets so only those who follow him can see what he’s tweeted.

Though, Burry is no stranger to taking Twitter breaks, this latest one appears motivated by the flack he’s taking from Bitcoin Twitter for taking a short position in the cryptocurrency recently when BTC fell to 31k.


And for anyone who has ventured into Bitcoin Twitter, the responses are just as ruthless as you would expect. Especially with the world’s biggest digital asset well above $55k.

Funny enough, Burry and the maxi’s don’t disagree on everything. Burry, who goes by the Twitter name Cassandra, said Shiba’s recent rise was “pointless.”

Michael Burry’s Track Record

It’s hard to argue with Michael Burry’s track record as an investor. Yes, his best call came over a decade ago, but that best call netted him a $100 million dollars. And, it’s not like he’s just living off that one good call either.

Burry took a long position in Gamestop before it became a memestock. Some even think he’s the reason — more so than Roaring Kitty — for getting Wall Street Bets on the scent of GME.

So, it’s safe to say Burry is not bad at what he does. But, that also doesn’t mean he doesn’t make a bad call here or there. After all, he did exit out of Gamestop well before its meteoric rise in late January 2021. Burry ended up making about a 100 million of Gamestop. If he had hodl’ed, his position could have been cashed out at 1.5 billion dollars.

Safe to say, he’s not perfect. But it’s also not fair to say he messed up on Bitcoin that much. That short position he took was back in June. It’s unclear when or if he exited the position, so we really have no idea if he lost much, if at all. Not to mention, he’s pretty liquid. So if he’s holding out until a bear market, he might end up looking smart.

Of course, as long as he cashes out before Bitcoin gets to a million.


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