THE SUPREME TEAM: YouTube Tries To Hide Bitcoin Price Prediction, BTC to $288K!


  • YouTube deletes and restores Anthony Pompliano’s educational crypto channel.
  • Pomp took immediate action to restore his channel.
  • The video that led to the deletion was of an interview with the prominent analyst — PlanB.

YouTube is on thin ice for deleting and then reinstating a popular crypto-focused channel. In detail, the channel belongs to Anthony Pompliano AKA Pomp. Pomp is known for being a trusted source for educating interested and not-so-interested parties in all things crypto.

Regarding his channel’s deletion from the video platform, Pomp says that he first got an email saying that one of his videos had ‘harmful and dangerous’ content. Initially, the email marked this as Pomp’s first strike.

Soon after, Pomp got another email saying his channel would be deleted in a few seconds. The grounds to delete a channel comes usually after three strikes. Although, YouTube does have a clause that states it can delete a channel for having ‘a single case of severe abuse’.

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This just became a more ridiculous accusation from YouTube as the video in question was an interview with a renowned crypto analyst — PlanB AKA @100trillionUSD. It seems that YouTube took this crypto-related comment and flagged it as an ‘illegal activity’.

Pomp reached out to YouTube immediately. To specify, he contacted YouTube’s support team on Twitter. Eventually, the channel went back up with all videos on the channel still intact. Pomp has over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over 1 million followers on Twitter.

After the fiasco, Pomp shared the video on his Twitter page. Here he called attention to YouTube’s mistake. He mentions how no explanation came for his channel being removed and restored.

Therefore, he simply concludes that the video contains information that YouTube doesn’t want the public to hear. He then goes on to encourage his followers to watch and listen closely to what PlanB has to say. He concludes by telling listeners to retweet so the whole world knows what’s coming.

Bitcoin Interview: PlanB Spills The Tea

Anthony Pompliano welcomes PlanB and wastes no time in diving into the meat of the matter. He starts off by asking PlanB to elaborate on this stock-to-flow model. PlanB has been a Bitcoin holder and seasoned trader and analyst. He has over 1 million followers on Twitter and has gained the respect and awe of the crypto community.

PlanB uses the stock-to-flow model to predict the price and value of Bitcoin. This method helps investors understand the market by looking at the current stock of any asset and comparing it to the flow of production. The ratio allows them to draw a rough estimate over the next high or low price value of any asset.

For instance, take gold, silver, or even real estate. All these assets are measured with this model. Although the information on their production may not be as accurate as Bitcoin’s mining count, it is still a verifiable model.

Likewise, PlanB measures the amount of Bitcoin that is mined against the value of Bitcoin to come to a similar conclusion. At the moment, it is easy for him to interpolate the data because the ratio for Bitcoin in comparison to other assets is lower. While Bitcoin lies between 5-55, gold lies at 60 and real estate lies at 100.

PlanB says that Bitcoin will surpass 100 in this ratio after its next halving cycle. Once that happens the stock-to-flow model could expire. This means that analysts will have to begin extrapolating data to make predictions, this could be dangerous.

The next item on the agenda was about PlanB’s old Twitter post that called out sell walls. PlanB says they simply instigate fear. In fact, he says that 9 out of 10 times sell walls get canceled out. This is because traders keep buying the asset which will push the sell wall to a higher price.     

Next, Pomp brought up how global events could influence the possible big highs for Bitcoin. On this matter, PlanB highlights events such as the China crackdowns and Bitcoin becoming a legal tender in El Salvador.

He says that these events can be known as trigger events. While they do tend to cause short variations in the stock-to-flow model’s trajectory, they do not disturb the trend altogether. Although he does state that it is hard to tell how much variation these events could trigger, they usually have no effect. 

Finally, before opening the interview to other queries, Pomp asked PlanB the real big question. Where is Bitcoin’s price going next? In addition, he also asks how long the current bull run will go on.

In response, PlanB says he will be very surprised if we reach the end of this year and the price of Bitcoin has not surpassed $100,000. By his analysis, the price of Bitcoin should hit $135,000 by Christmas time.

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PlanB says he uses three different models to predict the price of Bitcoin. These include the stock-to-flow model, on-chain analysis, and the floor model. More importantly, PlanB says that this bull run should run for about 6 months.

Given that the bull run likely just began, it should come to a conclusion by the end of Q1 2022 or by the start of Q2 2022. PlanB marks the price of Bitcoin to reach $288,000 by the end of this bull run.

In fact, he adds that he wouldn’t be surprised if the price went up to $300,000, $400,000, or $500,000. He does however say that these latter high prices will likely happen only if FOMO grows stronger during most of the bull run.

Suffice to say, most seasoned and crypto analysts are certain that Bitcoin will set a massive new all-time high (ATH) unlike never before. The Bitcoin and crypto community are gearing up to celebrate massive gains in the next few months.

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